Few movies can claim that they single-handedly revived a genre, but Scream can.  You may not realize how far horror had sunk after the gluttonous 70s and 80s saturated the market with superfluous sequels, but Kevin Williamson’s clever script changed all of that.  What better way to settle into the cold weather than to cuddle up with your favorite cheap beer and recreate Stu’s massive house party?  The rules that follow have been only slightly modified from those listed by Randy Meeks:

One must drink from beverage when:

- A phone rings
- The phrase “scary movie” is uttered
- The character of Ghost Face makes an appearance (not the mask)
- Another film is referenced, regardless of genre
- Kenny the camerman is seen eating
- Anyone wears a scrunchie
- Someone insults Dewey
- Any reporter besides Gale gets to speak
- The scene involves squad cars or police lights

Optional Shit-faced Rule: You have to drink every time someone says Sidney’s name.

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